State-Wise Festivals

India is vast and there are so many beautiful cities we need to explore. We are always intrigued about how the rest of the world lives and finding intimate details are hard to find. Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village has built the National Museum with state-wise houses depicting intricate details of these households and traditional people. We didn’t stop there and we included the dance forms and cuisine aspect to the Chokhi Dhani cultural village. We have been having many cultural dance and food festivals here. Over the last few weeks, the guest enjoyed the Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Sikkim and West Bengal dances and feasted on delicious world class Indian snacks/cuisine.

Gujarati Dance and Food Festival

At National Museum Chokhi Dhani Village we hosted the Gujarati fest from 15th November to 30th November 2014 in our desire to give you the best of Gujarat at #ChokhiDhani, Jaipur.

Every day at the National Museum, guest enjoyed the Gujarati garba & dandiya and enjoyed on popular tasty Gujarati snacks.

Sikkim Dance Festival

At Chokhi Dhani Rajasthani Village, Jaipur, we organized the Sikkim Dance and Food Festival from 1st December to 15th December 2014 at our National Museum. Guest saw the vibrant colors of Sikkim and its’ dances. They enjoyed the zesty eats of North East and joined in the Sikkim’s folk dancers.

Maharashtra Cultural Festival

Chokhi Dhani Maharashtra festival went in full swing from 5 January'15 at the National Museum. Grand celebration at Chokhi Dhani Village with huge Nagada and been artists. Guests celebrated the New Year Eve with Chokhi Dhani the most admired and innovative tourism projects of India.

West Bengal Cultural Festival

The new cultural festival that is going on at Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village is West Bengal Dance Fest from 19th January to 31st January 2015. The most popular Chhau dance, Kalikapatadi and Nacnī are being performed by artists from West Bengal India. Visit the cultural village and Chokhi Dhani Rajasthani thali only at 12 Miles Via-Vatika Tonk Road, Jaipur