A whereas about to discern glimpse of ethnic Punjabi Culture !

Planning an outside trip with the family is a process everybody desire off. It lets your mind in a calm situation where you can enjoy the giggling and spend much time with your dear ones.

What can we expect in a simple outing for dinner? A catchy place with sitting arrangements and complimentary attentions within the order? The concept of dining has been changed from time to time as the presentation plays an important role in the visitor’s mind. For instance, chefs sometimes grab the attention of their valued guests by incorporating moves from your favorite celebrity chefs. The interior of the dining premise catches the attention. The dining presentation in a different way can leave your guest to visit the place again.

Chokha Punjab Entry

Chokha Punjab is the place where you can get the ethnic outlook of Punjabi Culture and its beauty. The restaurant is designed on a Punjabi village theme with the mesmerizing view of the rural background.

The fresh natural air can be soaked by just landing yourself in the village cots and get the view of twinkling stars to feel & enjoy the best natural sightings.

The taste present in the Punjabi cuisine makes everyone to get it once. And the same taste will be brought right to our customers through the first rate practices of preparing the mouth-watering dishes at Chokha Punjab.

Chokha Punjab Dining

The live Bhangra performances, a traditional dance of Punjabi culture will let you to hit the joint with dancing.

The incredible chat bazaar gives you the sweet and sour taste. Forgot about the prices as the food items are much pocket friendly. For entertainment there are horse riding, tale combat, Astrologer, Bioscope, Skilled games, Puppet shows, gun shooting, magic shows and much more to make you on cloud number nine.

The said place is best for the events including the conference, birthday party or wedding with full of amusement & take you to experience one of the unforgettable experiences.

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