Top Things To Do In Rajasthan For A Wonderful Cultural Experience!

Rajasthan is the place where cultural roots and ethnic diversity mixed in attracting colours of modernization. The place is known for its rich ethnic presentation, modest sightings, majestic forts and many other key points which place the state name in above. Each and every city of the said state has its own uniqueness with some of the remarkable destinations. In order to make a visit to Rajasthan, one can enjoy various things to cop up with, which can make the experience of the visitor even better. The ultimate taste of Rajasthan spices, which is known for its unforgettable taste, is the best thing which can be found from a royal five stars rated resort to a local vendor in streets. The beautiful turbans, swaging moustaches, heavy embroidered clothing, are some of the key points the visitor got attracted by the sweet smell of Rajasthani soil.   There are uncountable numbers of points though which we can get ample of rich knowledge about the Rajasthan Culture but somehow:

Top Things To Do In Rajasthan










Here we are illustrating you the top things you can do in Rajasthan to get a glimpse of ethnic culture closely.

  1. Visiting Chokhi Dhani Resort: This is the resort of its own kind. Whenever you will be planning to visit Jaipur doesn’t forget to visit this place. Situated in the Tonk express highway this place is a true example to get the sighting of true colours of Rajasthani Culture in a close manner. The warm welcome and the way hospitality are themed in the Rajasthani which means you will be getting the hotel staff in rural dress up, live performances of Chari Dance, Kalbeliya (a local Rajasthani Dance mainly done by performing artists) and folk signing.


  1. Visiting Large Forts: Rajasthan is full of gignatic forts which are famous for their mesmerizing architecture with divine glorifying work of gold and amazed sceneries. Go to the Taj Paradise lake palace in Udaipur, which is known for floating lake. Yes! This palace is designed with an eye-catching feature of floating in the water. Make a visit in the massive Amber Fort, the Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur where you can visualize the great sega of Royal Jaipur by a warm welcome by the Suraj Pole entrance gate, Jaleb Chowk, the divine touch of Shila Mata Mandir, the aristocracy of maharajas can be viewed through the Diwan I Am area where the illustration of majesties can be seen through best representation.


  1. Not only the sight points, the dishes are also there to get the glimpse of the typical Rajasthani taste which will be giving you the best experience to get the ethnic culture. For example, Khair Sangria is a vegetable which reaped in the dry area of desert and you do not believe this that this dish is cooked in a pure way to be used in a curry and pickle. Also, the Dal Bat Choorma, amusing Ghevar, Rabri, Lapsi are some of the dishes which are the found particularly in Rajasthan.

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