Rajasthani Cuisine – A Flavor of Gastronomic Delights at Choupal !

At the end of the day exploring the magnificent deserts of Rajasthan head for some entertainment, relaxation and delectable Rajasthani cuisine. The open-air Choupal restaurant at Chokhi dhani 5 Star Resort in Jaipur serves some mouth-watering traditional Rajasthani dishes. ‘Choupal’ meaning ‘a community hub’ lives up to its name. Chose between open-air or indoor seating and enjoy the lively atmosphere and soulful ghazals and other performances.

An evening at the Choupal restaurant is an an unique gastronomic journey into the world of Rajasthani cuisine. Alongwith the traditional dishes, there is an extensive menu featuring local as well as other world-famous Rajasthani dishes, delicious desserts and also an exciting list of drinks and beverages …. Mocktails, cocktails, liquors and wines.

Here are a few of the traditional Rajasthani dishes which you will find on the Choupal menu:

Live Chulhe Wali Roti – Genhu/Bajara/Makka

Bajra roti

These are soft Flat breads made from Atta (wheat flour), Bajra ( millet) or Makkka (cornmeal) made on a live chulha and served hot, usually eaten with daals or a vegetable curry.

Gatta curry

Gatta curry

Gatta curry is steamed gram flour dumplings cooked in a flavourful yoghurt sauce.

Alu Piyaz Ki Subzi

aloo piyaz ki subzi

Alu piyaz ki subzi is a spicy potato onion gravy dish with a unique taste and very popular in Rajasthan.

Bati and Churma


The famed Daal-Bati-Churma of Rajasthan are flaky round breads baked over a firewood and served dipped in ghee accompanied with daal and churma. No Rajasthani festival or wedding feast is complete without this dish.

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri
Ker-Sangri is one of Rajasthan’s most popular dishes. The berries of the khejri trees and the slender Sangri beans make a spicy piquant dish. A rich mix of the choicest of handpicked spices, like Ker, sangri, kumatiya, dry whole red chillies, tejpatta (bay leaves), dry mango and raisins, makes this dish unique and flavourful.

Lehsun Ki Chutney



A popular side dish, Lehsun Ki Chutney is mostly made during winters as it heats up the body and is generally accompanied with Bajre Ki Roti. The Lehsun Ki Chutney is a great dish to spice up your meal !

Bhuni Mirch



Green chillies tempered with mustard and nigella seeds and cooked with besan and asafetida is quickly fried in mustard oil. Topped with a dash of lime juice, it gives a fiery kick to an Indian meal.

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