See Jaisalmer Mysticism with Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel

The world is endless and the thirsty desert quaintly reminds us of the unsurpassable and timelessness that surrounds us.  Read about the things to do and see in Jaisalmer, must see & attractions of Jaisalmer.

Walk on the Jaisalmer Fort aka the Sonar Kila and find yourself awestruck by the only inhabited fort of India.  The Golden Fort of Jaisalmer is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of India’s Hill Fort of Rajasthan.  Below we cover some of the “must do” and “must know” for your Jaisalmer visit:-

Connect the Dots

Jaisalmer City was built by Rawal Jaiswal in 1156 CE some 860 years ago and the Trikut hill above 250 ft. sea level was selected for building the Sonargarh fortification.  The Jaisalmer fort is 1500 ft. (460 m) long and 750 ft. (230 m) wide forming a marvelous historical architecture with 99 turrets.

Living Fort W/ Water Concerns

In the largest living fort of Jaisalmer more than 2000 residents presently live in it and as per Luca Borella from France the major issue is the sewage system that leaks water right into the foundation of the fort.

Sandstone and Golden Hues

The yellow sandstone of Jaisalmer gives the fort its golden hues and its name Sonargarh.  Rightfully the golden fort is the most epic structure set against the mirage of deserted background, which we would say, must be experienced in person…

Rich Culture & Vibrant Tribes

Isn’t at large everybody is same and in details everyone is so unique.  The nomads of the deserts like the Bhils famous for warrior and archery skills once , the Minas, the Gujars, and Banjaras like the Kalbeliyas with smiles on their faces and stories of their own bring us the cultural abundance to the traveler at heart.

Xmas Eve with Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel

Christmas  and New year‘s long holiday gives us the time to plan an exclusive holiday with family so that we can end the year in style and create prized memories for our loved ones.   Make your stay highly comfortable with Chokhi Dhani with best hotels in Jaisalmer with our spacious rooms with Wi-Fi connection, high amenities, and attentive service.  The Jaisalmer trip is half-finished without making a trip to the Sam Sand Dunes and the Chokhi Dhani Royal Desert Camp is with Swiss tent accommodation is the ideal place to get up and close with the Thar Desert.

Must See Places w/ Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel at Jaisalmer

In no particular order watch the sunset at Sam Sand Dunes, Lodhurva Jain temples , Bada Bagh royal cenotaphs, Patwa ki havelis, Gadisar lake , desert national park and of course the Jaisalmer fort.  At Chokhi Dhani Desert Camping watch the stars in the moonlight while listening to the Rajasthani Kalbeiya folk songs and music. Relish great desert cuisine with our warmth of service in the quiet desert serenity.

Book Your Stay with Chokhi Dhani Jaisalmer Hotel

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