Rajasthani Thali @ Choupal – A delicacy of Tradition served in platter !

Rajasthan the land of pride and maharajas is known for grand and luxurious culture. The place is rich in large diversity colors, natural resources, alluring grand forts, mesmerizing lakes, unforgettable points of interest and most importantly delicious food. The visualization and presentations of food in Rajasthan is known as the first note with sophisticated style and kind hospitality.

An uncountable range of savory dishes from Veg and Non-veg menu seeks the attention of the guests to supply them a never forgot expertise.

One of the well-known dishes is the Rajasthani Thali which is famous for its delicious taste and ample of different varieties served within one platter. The term Thali is common in India as the concept of Thali is not much new. Even this concept of dining is common in almost every state of India.

It’s generally a representation of food in a unique way.

Rajasthani Thali at Choupal









If we talk about the Rajasthani thali, it is having its own uniqueness for its traditional royal superiority, mainly contains the following items:

  • Dal: Yellow pulses
  • Chapati
  • Bati: Wheat flour cooked in dahi, salt and water, dipped in Ghee and served in a tennis ball shape.
  • Churma: a popular Rajasthani dish cooked with wheat blended with ghee and sugar.
  • Kadhi
  • Gatta Saag: a spicy veg made with cooked nuggets in thick gravy
  • Ker Sangri: this is a special vegetable grown in the area of arid lands of Rajasthan and __ in a Rajasthani cuisine menu.
  • Ghevar: a sweet dish made of flour and paneer cooked in ghee.
  • Lehsun ki Chutney
  • Steamed Rice
  • Dil Khushal:
  • Panchmel ki Sabzi: Panch means Five, so as the name describes it itself it is the combination of five ingredients cooked in authentic spices and masala.
  • Bajre Ka Khichda: made from pearl millet and lentils with a __ of Ghee
  • Lassi
  • Salad
  • Papad

What the principle purpose of ordering a Rajasthan Thali is to induce the divine style of various native dishes in a single plate.

Choupal, a 5-star Restaurant located in the heart of Chokhi Dhani, brings you one amongst the simplest Royal Rajasthan served within the best form of cordial reception.

Choupal which means a place of gathering designed in typical rural vogue to grant the guests some way to get pleasure from the exterior out of doors sitting. To form the surroundings additional restful low spellbinding Ghazal programs are there which makes the guests soothing relaxation.

Along with the best toothsome dishes served in a dramatic hiss of steam, the Rajasthani Thali bagged the number one place in visitor’s choice.  So if desiring to get the royal taste of this unique devouring, don’t forget to visit the Choupal Restaurant, the prodigious place at Chokhi Dhani.

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