Pink Pear Fun City: Frisking the vacation with enormous fun

Summer season is one of the most preferred seasons mainly among the kids. The long vacations bring them the endless fun. No worries of studies, Summertime is a great time to relax with friends and family by soaking up the sun at a beach or simply having dinner together. Visiting a swimming pool is the best option which can bring you the best enjoyment for summer and the reasons vary from person to person. Imagine in a hot summer season you want to get ease out the tensions, burden and a desire to bring back your childhood memories, for this the water park is the best option you can opt for.

Pink Pear Fun City











Pink Pear Fun City brings you one of the best options of swashbuckling moments which can be attained with your friends and family members and what brings you here is the crystal clear pool, DJ sounds, chilling space for rain dance and much more. Located in the Jaipur city outskirts, the place creates a fun and frolic environment for the customers and comes with a complete package of entertainment. The princely customers can enjoy the swimming with blooming effects and if tired there is a separate section of rain dance where and wave pools which jiggles you in a suave manner. Once visitors finished the utter jolliness, the pink pearl hotel brings you one of the best-served cuisines with the delicious meal served with the kind hospitality.

The hotel area is sectioned in the form of Egyptian restaurant, cinnamon restaurant and Gothic which represent the different art and cultural values to the customers. The bar and gym area provide the first rate service for the customers. The true value of entertainment can be achieved under a single umbrella and that’s what you can get in the Pink Pear Fun City. So if planning a one day vacation to celebrate an occasion, this place can make our day in the easiest way.

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