Palace Hotel Jaisalmer – Eat & sleep in Monarchical method

Rajasthan is a place which is known for several alluring sites. Visiting on this place means you are ready to watch several adorable places depicting an image of the royal clan. The place becomes heavenly for the tourists for the shining depiction of Indian culture and art through the mammoth forts, exiting chair/ghoomar/thali dance and folk singing, mouth-watering dishes such as laal maas, amazing dal bati choorma, lapsi, memorable sweets including ghevar, Cheena Malpua, Dilkhushal etc. All these things come under one umbrella. And if you are planning a long trip then what about the first rated services of the catchy resorts and hotels of Rajasthan?

Palace Hotel Jaisalmer











One of the most famous cities of Rajasthan is Jaisalmer which is too having a reputed crowd throughout the year. But usually, the city is having time to be planned for the vacation as it caught sever temperature in the summer season. The month of July to December is one of the most favourable months for the tourists to plan a trip to Jaisalmer. The city is having a vivid variety of places to be visited with ample of tasty dishes to be tested. Here one of the most outraged places is the Jaisalmer palace which will be giving you a comfortable stay with ultra-luxurious accommodations. Just book your stay in the beautiful rooms classified in the categories of Royal Suits abs Royal rooms. The elegant interior and alluring curtains, the eye-catching carpet, and comfortable beds are few of the classifications which are there to make the guests stay more comfortable. Filing tired? The best-rated spa facilities are there with the ancient method and remedies to provide a relaxation for the body in a smooth and claimed manner re-invigorating and gently demonstrating the importance of treating your body as a temple, and you start feeling a heavenly environment around you.

Jaisalmer palace is filled with the first rated professional staff members and so on with the world-class chef’s team which is there to serve you one of the unforgettable platters. Dine at one of the posh designed Aarogosa restaurants which is designed in the jaw-dropping interior and ostentatious accommodations.  And if you are fond of Chinese and continental food then the Bindola restaurant awaits your attention with premium beverage service.

So whenever you are about to plan a trip for the Thar Desert, don’t forget to make a visit to the Palace Hotel Jaisalmer Chokhi Dhani.

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