Palace Hotel Jaisalmer: A warm welcoming premise with opulent comfort

Jaisalmer palace is the supreme example of grand hospitality. This five-star luxury hotel is headed by the versatile group Chokhi Dhani.  It is designed in the superior way to represent the monarchical value of Royal Rajasthani culture. The sumptuous palace is filled with the extra amenities with superior taste making it the perfect place to mark the stay for the vacation trip to Jaisalmer.  Whatever the guests are expecting including the posh washrooms, air-conditioned premise, first-rate safety and hospitality, mouth-watering menu etc. are the examples which represent the sophisticated approach of the Palace Hotel Jaisalmer.

Palace Hotel Jaisalmer








Jaisalmer is known as the golden city and is located in the Rajasthan state of India.  Visiting this place reminds you of an eye-catching sighting of an Arabian night city, which consisting of camels, deserts, and exotic wearing. The large fort of Jaisalmer which is listed in the list of UNESCO and places an important position in the historic tales of Indian history. The night sky here will leave you spellbound. Even if you’re not a “star gazing” kind of a person, you will become one when you’re on the dunes. The Thar Desert, especially the patch near Jaisalmer is very dry with hardly any precipitation. The local market is full of rich varieties for home remedies, wooden products, handmade products and ethnic wearing.  In order to walk around the streets of Jaisalmer, the visitors also try to find out a comfortable place to stay with and that’s what the Chokhi Dhani Jaisalmer palace is all about. There are two categories which rooms are divided royal room and suit. The luxurious spa facility keeps the mind and body in contorted moment providing a divine taste of relaxation to the worthy guests. The Aarogosa and Bindola restaurants are the finest examples of dining space designed in a luxurious way.

Beside this total theme on village staff very co-operative giving the customer firstly attention in each and every possible manner.  So staying in the Palace Hotel Jaisalmer can give you a warm experience and enormous knowledge of Rajasthani art and culture in its own way.

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