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The magnificent Pink City, aka Jaipur, is a regal land present in the heart of Rajasthan. This beautiful land in covered with magic all around, be it in its regal architecture, vibrant lifestyle or scrumptious cuisine. To experience this place where fairy tales come true, visit luxurious heritage resort in Jaipur – Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur. An ode to Jaipur, the magnificent resort in Jaipur echoes the spirit of Jaipur at every corner. From its luxurious accommodation to the glorious ambience and bespoke amenities, Chokhi Dhani Resort will be an unforgettable factor in your trip to Jaipur.

History of Chokhi Dhani:

The magnum opus of Rajasthan is unlike any other in the world. This whimsical royal land makes for a fabulous destination, that makes for a once in a lifetime vacation. The best way to experience bespoke royalty in Rajasthan, its rich aristocracy and luxurious living is to visit the best royal heritage hotels in Jaipur – Chokhi Dhani Resort. This mesmerising royal heritage hotel in Jaipur lets you encounter this magnum opus of Rajasthan, and gives you a chance to live like Kings and Queens, in their complete glory. Chokhi Dhani has to be an integral part of Rajasthani culture since 1990 and is the go-to destination to experience the wonders of Pink City.

Luxurious Services:

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If you wish to fulfil your dream of a fairytale vacation similar to Arabian nights, then there can’t be a better place than Chokhi Dhani Resort. Present at the heart of the Thar Desert, this majestic Pink City, looks like it has come straight out of a fairytale. After trotting the beautiful Jaipur, savouring authentic food and sampling the bazaars, get recharged at the opulent Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur. Set amidst the sun-kissed land, the Chokhi Dhani Resort evokes the grandeur of this Pink City, like none other.  Be it palatial rooms, delectable food, multiple cultural activities, private pool, high-end health centre and spa, Chokhi Dhani offers luxurious services to its VIP guests.

Book a Stay:

Wish to experience the magnificent Rajasthan, and its luxurious and rich life? For experience an astonishing Rajasthan, you don’t have to belong to the royal family or be a kin to the Maharaja or belong to a Rajput Clan. All you need to do is make your way to Chokhi Dhani 5 Star Ethnic Resort, that promises to pamper you silly, the true Rajwada style. Avail best deals and offers by booking online reservations at

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