An indelible encounter with Royal Hospitality

Visiting a place which is unknown to you and having the connection from a historical background is the experience of its own kind. Visiting the golden city Jaisalmer which is known as the most visited city of the Indian state Rajasthan will surely give you an unforgettable experience. Once you land over to the city and the first attraction you cross over is the mammoth Jaisalmer fort which is having massive imposing walls and surrounded by the mazes of alleyways. Also don’t get surprised when you find out that people are still living in this fort because of the ancient techniques of drainage system are still working in the best conditions.

Coming to the city its alluring architectures with crowdie market you will finding the marketplace rich with almost varieties of embroidery works, ethnic goods and much more, thus making it one of the favourite places for shopping. The mesmerizing architecture of the city will take back to you the time of the Arabian nights where you get a mud house, a massive dessert and mammoth fort.  One of the noticing points of Jaisalmer is the Golden colour which is painted over most of the buildings. And when you are in the city of Thar Desert, the one and only place in the country covering with large sand dunes, you will be surely going for the beautiful camel rides along with the warm stay at the desert for camping. And that’s what the Chokhi Dhani The Palace Hotel Jaisalmer is all about which aims to give the precious guests their valuable services in every possible manner.

Chokhi Dhani The Palace Hotel Jaisalmer











Book a stay in the wonderful architecture in the middle of the city and you will be getting the first rate treatment from the staff members.  The hotel is also known by Chokhi Dhani Palace hotel, is equipped with ultra-luxurious accommodations with a posh architecture, beautiful furniture, alluring interior where the guests realize that they are visualizing a kingly treatment. The royal room and suites are the best example of premises loaded with extra elegant interiors with modern amenities. Just give a try to the spa facilities which provide you with the best services through the ancient methods of relaxation along with the fitness club include billiards, yoga centre. The dining concept is including the kingly maharaja style where the guests are given the mouth-watering meal cooked in fresh oil and vegetables and tremendous curries. Fond of social gathering? Be seated at Bindola where an open folksy ambience with natural laps gives you an enchanting feeling of Ethnic Rajasthani culture.

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