How to Choose a Luxurious Desert Camp in Jaisalmer?

Desert camps are nothing less than an oasis amidst the desert. Amid the sun-kissed lands of Jaisalmer, the parched faces greet with the most gracious smiles. Even the scorching heat of the Thar Desert can’t affect the hospitality of mainland Rajasthan.

Over the course of many years, Rajasthan has evolved as the most-preferred beauty-spot destination. With this, the number of desert camps in Jaisalmer also leveled up. Now, when we try to choose a decent desert camp, the old ones seem dated and the new ones may seem too much experimental.

How to find a desert camp which maintains the balance between royal Rajasthani stance and up-to-the-minute hospitality? How to choose a camp which rekindles your cultural outlook yet does not serve just too obvious of the long-held heritage?

Through this article, we strive to make your decision as an easy choice.

Considerations while selecting a desert camp in Jaisalmer:

Transport Facility:

You must know what all kinds of transport facilities are available from your landing destination to the camp. In Jaisalmer, some of the most feasible modes are the jeep, camel rides or cabs.  If you do find any of these very easily, then you can lose a lot of precious time on your trip. Make sure, the camp you are choosing is cooperative enough to guide you through or provide you with the facility

Clean and Rush-free Area:

Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp













The bed should be comfortable and the tent should not feel like a pretentious big-top. Many desert camps may emphasize the facility of luxury but make sure you don’t stop by a poorly-maintained tent with bad food, un-easy beds, very loud music and congested camp.

Washroom and Toilet Facilities:

Desert Camp Facilities













These days, most of the camps build attached bathrooms but they may not provide hot and cold water and heating. Look for this feature, to save you from uninvited discomfort. An attached toilet with the camp is a luxurious affair in the seething desert area. Also, it is more convenient and safer in every way. If the camp lacks this amenity, you should think twice before spending your travel money there.

Health Check-up Facility:

A 24-hour doctor should be available in the camp to keep your voyage trouble-free. Touring in the desert is a rewarding experience but it comes with its own prices. Most of the tourists who are not accustomed to the extreme temperatures of the desert may need health assistance. Tiredness may come easily while sailing through the thrilling adventures of dune bashing.

Window in the Camps:

Choose carefully established camps that take you in the lap of luxury and endless serenity of the golden desert. Often we find low-priced attractive packages on desert camps. But, there are some shortcomings which undermine the complete desert experience. Here, we are talking about a window-less room. You would love staying in a luxurious camp but there should also be the glances of outside view. Also, the natural lighting makes it all worth.


Why Choose Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp?

Chokhi Dhani Luxury Tent














Situated 3.1 km away from Desert National Park, Chokhi Dhani Desert camp entwines true Rajputi culture and delicacies of modern living.

–    The place is sophisticated and rustically Rajasthani at the same time.

–    You will find all the luxury essentials with non-stop assistance availability at the reception.

–    The staff greets in the common/understandable language to avoid any barriers.

–    A peaceful refuge from the bedlam of daily lives.

–    The attached washrooms speak highly of their luxurious amenities with hot and cold water facility.

–    Relish the pure, scrumptious Rajasthani cuisine with the magnetism of eccentric dance performances.

This desert camp represents 3 decades old ethnic hospitality patron; the Chokhi Dhani Group. The camps are decorated in an upbeat Rajasthani style.

The attractions of heritage lifestyle with urbane services make it one of the top choices of best desert camps in Jaisalmer.

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