Get a Splash of Freshness at Chokhi Dhani Kund That Will Enthrall You !

Kund is a Hindi word which means ‘a tank or small reservoir in which rainwater is collected’.

It also means …. A basin, bowl, pitcher or a water-pot …. a pool, well, a spring or a basin of water especially consecrated for some holy purpose. At the Chokhi Dhani Resort in Jaipur it is the swimming pool. Though not exactly a Holy dip it will surely cool you down and rejuvenate you !

Best Swimming Pool Resort

Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur, a one-of-a-kind destination, boasts of itself as the preserver of Rajasthan’s heritage and art providing guests with royal Rajputana hospitality coupled with modern luxuries. The blue-tiled swimming pool affords a welcome relief from the scorching heat of the desert.

Best Kids Swimming Pool Resort

Chokhi Dhani provides recreational facilities for the entire family …. So, can the kids be left behind !? The Kids’ Mini Pool is a small low height pool made specially for children to enjoy themselves as much as the adult guests.

Summer is at it’s height in India …. It is time to dive into the cool blue waters of the ‘Kund’ at Chokhi Dhani !

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