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Travelling is the process through which one can attain a higher note of relaxation. A long vacation with close one provides you with a way to learn about a new place, cultural diversity, different language, way of living standard and much more. There comes a point in life when you need to take a break with your hack tick schedule and then you realise that a long break would be better to kick off your boost for energy in a better way. The best point is that which destination you are going with and as per the requirements, you start your trip planning.

Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur










Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur comes with best accommodations and a warm environment to stay. It is located in the pink city Jaipur and is delving you the famous royal culture of the city with a warm touch of ethnic culture. Entering the village and you will be gestured by the welcoming staff members following up a tilak ceremony. This is an ancient Indian practice of welcoming the guests than by passing through the village you will be treated with a kingly approach. The posh rooms which are designed with first rated interiors, eye-catching sofas, alluring curtains, mesmerizing paintings depicting the brave saga of Rajasthani art including the famous bani than. Here before booking the guests are giving the facility to choose the type of room they are willing to stay. The rooms are designed depending on the comfort level and more importantly the type of budget. The cottages include family royal suits, royal cottage, Haveli Cottage, Dola Mau Suit etc, as each of the suits is having its own uniqueness. On your warm stay, you can enjoy the worthy Spa and health club activities which include a first-rate herbal and kairali therapies, Kund a mini swimming pool to enjoy the frolic moments. There is a kid’s corner for the toddlers to enjoy the modern indoor games. Also, there is the finest equipment’s less Gym within the resort.

The Rajasthani food is having a glorying image in the global platform so you can try the best cuisines comes within the mouth-watering menu of Chokhi Dhani Resort by dining in the Bindola restaurant which is serving you the best cuisine

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