Fine dining at Chokhi Dhani

The perception of fine dining varies from person to person, for the fine dining in a restaurant in Mumbai may not be the same as in NYC or in Dubai.

There is a difference between expensive dining and fine dining.  Fine Dining is determined by these five essential requisites …..  Food, Atmosphere, Service,  Plating and Dress Code.  When I think of fine dining I think of being all dressed up and eating food that is high in quality and beautifully plated. In short a dinner that takes about three hours to eat in an atmosphere fit for royalty or ‘al fresco’ under the stars!

Atmosphere at Chokhi Dhani

For me it’s all about the Food ….  Excellent food with the emphasis on visual presentation. Superior quality produce treated delicately and with respect, to create dishes that taste very subtle yet outstanding. The food preparation is by a chef who is qualified with years of industry experience, reputed to have special culinary skills.

Sometimes it is impossible to be objective as the first question for an evening in a fantastic restaurant is …. Are we still in a restaurant?  So, my answer is …. No!  We are not in a restaurant anymore we are in X-treme Food Zone!

Fine dining at Chokhi Dhani

Dining at Chokhi Dhani  is an experience not to be missed for families or romantic couple getaways. Together with outstanding cuisine, the atmosphere and service will put you at your ease.

Celebrate an absolutely breathtaking fine dining journey through Indian cuisine, products, recipes and spices …. all so good and interesting,  we cannot wait to come back for more.

Services at Chokhi Dhani

The Dining Hall, Sangri, is renowned for its mouth watering Rajasthani cuisine served on a leaf platter in the tradition of Manuhar.  Sample the Rahasthani Thali at its best ….the taste of the food will linger and the warmth of the service will stay in your heart forever!

Apart from Sangri , there is also the Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. Another ethnic dining hall known for its shape, where the traditional Rajasthani dish of Bati Choorma and other delicacies are served in a multi-cuisine buffet while you listen to soulful ghazals as you dine !

The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave us a royal cuisine equal to any in the world! At the Gorbandh Open Air dining area, set in a semi-circle space, taste amazing food sitting ‘al fresco’ beneath the desert stars and the backdrop of the hills.

Food at Chokhi Dhani

Experience Royal Fine Dining at the Royal theme restaurant … experience the richness of silverplate and cutlery and fine crystalware in a combination of all the five essential requisites for fine dining …. food, atmosphere, service, plating and dress code !

Well in my opinion and for my taste, it is …… fine dining!  It is not a copy of European fine dining.  It is not an interpretation of Western fine dining and it it is also not a development out of something from Europe. It is something on its own, it is breathtaking, it is X-treme and on top of all of that it is still fine dining!

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