Explore the Traditional Activities of Rich Rajasthani Culture @ChokhiDhani

Chokhi Dhani Village has been the mirror of Rajasthani culture since 1989. Its main aim is to preserve and encourage the village art and culture, to introduce today’s generation to ancient times. It is located on a national highway, far away from the busy hectic schedule, so people can feel and enjoy nature in peace. It is a complete family destination, where adults and kids can spend a gala time in a ‘Desi’ environment. Chokhi Dhani Village gives its patrons an exclusive chance to experience the beauty, rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan, all confined at one location. Chokhi Dhani Village offers numerous entertainment activities, including rides like camel and horse rides, folk dance shows, puppet shows, fire acts and various games.

Traditional Activities @ Chokhi Dhani Village Jaipur

Folk Dance & Music Show

Live folk dance and enthralling performances all through the evening is one of the major attractions at Chokhi Dhani village Jaipur. These live shows capture the interest and make you spellbound. There are so many folk dances in Rajasthani culture and almost all are performed here – Be it the world famous Ghoomar, Kalbeliya(The Snake Dance), Chari Dance, Bhavai Dance, Bhopa-Bhopi Dance & the stunning TerahTaaliManjira Dance.

The Chokhi Dhani Specials are “Folk Dance and Music Show; Chaupal NachGan Re” very popular.

The Puppet Show (Kathputli Ro Naach)

The puppet show in Rajasthan is one of the popular medium of entertainment. In this show, there are a number of wooden dummy dolls that are dressed up in bright and color attires. These puppets are attached with strings that the puppeteer uses to move them around. The colorful puppet show transports you into the world of valiant kings, beautiful princesses and all powerful magicians. The puppeteer makes episodes and scenes from their lives come alive to give you a sight of their lifestyle.

Fortune Travel:

This is a traditional way of knowing about future and has been practiced in Egyptian and Roman civilizations as well, in this parrot picks the card that predicts your future and answers your queries. Services of a traditional palmist (jyotishi) are also available to throw light on your future. Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting information about a person’s life and this is taken care at Chokhi Dhani with the help of trained ‘jyotishis’.


Ride on the luxuries of the bygone era – be it Camel, a Bullock Cart or a horse drawn Tonga. Experience the excitement and fun of riding on some of the earliest modes of the transportation humans developed in this part of the World. Have a round of whole village in style, savoring the sights and sounds at a leisurely pace. It is hard to resist taking a ride on all or any one of these.

These live shows will keep you spellbound and the activities will keep you busy while the children release their energy in archery, riding the carousel, the elephant or the camel!

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