Dine at Chaupal – A pleasing visualization of Ethnic Culture

Our daily work routine involves many things which make us generally tired and passionless. as an example, we tend to area unit operating professionally and obtaining tonnes of work to try and do, it’ll be our thinking that however we are able to tackle true or we are able to say complete the tasks on a particular amount of your time. The ability to wrap up the workload before the time went off required a patience, planning, motivation, management skills, presentation started and additional significantly our mental and physical efforts for those explicit tasks. This turns the person little bit tired as once a week he/she is required to take a break and set down with the family members or going out for a long time. Sometimes planning a vacation isn’t so easy as much as we think as it itself is required too many things to be executed. What we are going to check is firstly our budget, time limit, check in for the best place to stay, transportation cost etc. The best part is to choose a place and staying there is what a place is exactly giving us, by this, we mean to say like to gain an unforgettable experience by staying in a beautiful cosy place.










Chokhi Dhani Chaupal Jaipur comes with a concept which is a unique thing of its own kind.  This is a place where a stay can turned to be a life time experience. Designed in a Rajasthani Ethnic theme, the place will deliver you one of the first rated services with unbeatable accommodations. Enjoy your stay in a freshly natural place outside of the hustle and bustle of city light, live performances, amazing food, mind relaxing spa and other activities.

Here a new dining concept has been developed which is known as Chaupal. Instantly it is an open area which is a rare place to be fine in a posh resort like this. But it will be giving the visitors an unforgettable experience which is drive out through a place where table and chairs are there in a wide open area, live music performances relaxing the mind, poetic expression of love and loss and a misty Rajasthani art & culture representation.

Try out one of the amazing dishes including chapatis mixed in pure ghee, mouth-watering curries, dal bat choorma an ethnic Rajasthani Dish, lapsi and imagine having a great taste in the lapse of nature.

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