Desert Camp Jaisalmer: The Monarchical Approach to get inflated hospitality

There are various things which are gifted to humans through nature. The amazing waterfalls, tulip gardens, amazing Himalayas, the large sand dunes of the desert are some of the superior examples where the layman can enjoy the supreme benefits of the sightings along with long family vacations. The entrepreneurs mostly work on the tasks which are related to providing the supreme service as per the market requirements. Such as creating the finest hospitality business is the supreme feature of the market leaders and severe companions among the rivalries create a choice to grab the best one offering genuine hospitality. Chokhi Dhani group is one of the best serving class hospitality groups which have emerged with the first rated market value on the global platform.

Desert Camp Jaisalmer










Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan, attracts an enormous number of visitors which plans their vacations to enjoy a long and warm stay in the sand dunes of Thar Desert. Imagine a place where the basic necessities in far out, the group is there to make the guests enjoy the lavish comfort zone in the Sand dunes by staying in the alluring Cokhi Dhani Desert Camp Jaisalmer.  Built with the finest architecture this is a place where guests can enjoy an uncountable moment of joy and fun with the jaw-dropping experiences. The Deluxe and Swiss camps are made with extra amenities, luxurious beds, eye-catching curtains and most important, the mesmerizing wall paintings to depict the finest sculptures of Rajasthani art and culture.

In the evening the worthy guests start to visualize a new approach to the alluring environment as the live performances and folk singing starts in front of a cosy bonfire.  And when it comes for dine, the place is best known for the traditional Rajasthani cuisine to be served with supreme hospitality and have the mouth-watering cuisines to be served in the Aragosa, Sangri and Bindola areas. All the three mentioned areas are designed with its own uniqueness blended with most ethnic themed architecture. The Desert Camp Jaisalmer is giving you the long lasting experience of complex stay.

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