Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp Jaisalmer – An incomparable style to adore The Royal Stay In Sand Dunes

Sometimes doing an adventurous thing is an experience of its own kind. What is an adventurous skill? It’s simply testing us by putting in a situation where you can test your physical as well as mental power more efficiently. Working in this will be requiring an activity to pack your bags and going outside planning a trip which will be meeting the exact location which we want to explore. Hiking, tracking, skiing are some of the best examples where the strength of our mind and body meets to handle the tougher challenges. Travelling is the best stress buster activity where we realise that we are doing something meaningful. Visiting an unknown place, getting in touch with the local people, tasting the mesmerizing food and lots of other activities will keep you in a state of freshness. It helps you to keep calm and content. You get ample of knowledge by visiting new places your mind starts thinking more leaving you in a curious stage.

Desert Camp Jaisalmer










Rajasthan is the place where there are numerous places to be explored. This could be a fort, world heritage site, alluring lakes, royal heritages etc. The state is known for a historical era which defines its cultural value in a polished way. Jaisalmer which is known as the golden city of Rajasthan is famous for its massive fort which is having a reputation on the global level. Exploring Jaisalmer is something that needs to be understood before planning a trip into it. Firstly the climatic factors are one of the key points to be considered before making a trip as in summer session it is not worth as the temperature boiled upto 50 degrees. The reason is the city is situated in the heart of Thar Desert. Exploring such a place firstly is not an easy task but what if you will be getting a royal treatment giving you a princely serve.

Chokhi Dhani, a leading five-star resort brings you one of the best treatments of hospitality in the sand dunes of Thar Desert via Desert Camp Jaisalmer . A fabulous representation of the ethnic Rajasthani culture blended with a suave architecture of mud giving you a calm move. Enjoy your comfortable stay with the luxurious tented camps outlined with upmarket accommodations including spa facilities, western bathrooms, running cold/hot water and all modern amenities. At night get the glimpse of ethnic Rajasthani culture through the live performances of folk dancers and singers. Catchy puppet shows deliver you the epic sagas of Rajasthan kings, magicians and adorable princes. Get ready to entertain with the courageous acts of acrobatics on bamboo which force to put one’s finger between the teeth.

Enjoy the luxurious stay with tremendous cuisine cooked in delicious curries; the divine taste makes you visit the place again and again. The camel ride which is the tread mark of Rajasthan will be leading you one of the best sightings of the alluring sand dunes under the guidance of supervisors.

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