Desert Camp Jaisalmer- Ethnic Representation with Ultra Luxurious Stay

Travelling can be a good passion for many of us. Visiting a place where you can be eager to explore the cultural and ethnic lifestyle is an unforgettable experience of its own kind.  The day when you decide to go to an unknown place begins with several processes which include selecting a suitable package, hotel booking, packing etc. Usually, the planning to travel to unknown place begins with a deep though in mind which means to get rid of hack tick burdens which are created by our overloaded daily schedule. An important thing to be kept in mind is the type of hotel or resort you are going to book. This matters because once you visited your destination you will be expecting for best hospitality, hygienic surroundings, mouth-watering dishes and a comfortable stay.

Desert Camp Jaisalmer









Desert Camp Jaisalmer is one of the examples which can meet up the above requirements easily. Get the best stay in the sovereign designed room with deluxe facilities. The evening in the mesmerizing Thar desert is the best at the Jaisalmer with the folk dance and music shows including the famous kalbeliya nritya, the world famous ethnic dance of Rajasthan including the famous Ghoomar.

Dine in the first rated sitting place which is classified in Bindola which is designed with the finest architecture with modern facilities. Next option can be Sangri which is followed by a traditional practice called Manuhar, and the mouth-watering platter served with best-cooked vegetables and oil. Feel like home in the Aragosa which means please eat. The alluring lamps and a tree decorated with lighting and attractive paint is what this place is all about.

And what about the sightings of the natural sand dunes with the camel ride. This is what the best task you can do in the Thar Desert. Staying in the Desert Camp Jaisalmer can be the most memorable trip of your lifestyle.

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