Desert Camp Jaisalmer- A catchy stay in the essence laps with Royal Address

The nature has gifted us many places to enjoy and attain the best travelling experience. For instance the divine river Ganga is the point where numerous people like to stay in the coastal region and do camping to taste the best level of the enjoyment. The alluring  mountain, Niagara fall,  Salar de Uyuni, lake bikal are one of the finest examples of natural wonders where lakhs of travel freaks visits to get a glimpse of natural sighting . Also, with the enhancement in the technology we humans have created a lot of ways to in regard to the safety points to gain much adventurous experience in these natural settings. Camping in the desert is like getting an unforgettable experience of its own kind. Ask someone who saw sunset in the sand dunes and the sunrise in the desert; it is one of the best life experiences. All you need is a clean stay, hygienic food and kind hospitality so that your stay can go a good and memorable. There are plenty of ways, such as camel rides, comfortable stay in the tent, bonfire, jeep safari etc., in the desert which gives you a new way of experiencing the natural wonderland on a higher note.

Desert Camp Jaisalmer











The Thar Desert is among one of the top rated tourist points due to many reasons. There are many who desire of being in a place where you just need to do is cut off the social connection under the presence of the utter silence. When comes to Rajasthan, where royal culture and mouth- watering  cuisine, grab the attention, the Thar desert is the place to get a complete package of entertainment. The location of the desert in the city of Jaisalmer, the golden fort city of India. The place is known for its largest living fort in the world, with enormous number of points of interest can be explored, but as the city is bordered by the large surroundings of Thar Desert, it is crucially important for the persons to visit the place during the winter season.

Chokhi Dhani, a five star rated resort group is known for its establishment of kind hospitality in the hotel business for more than two decades. This group is known for maintaining an aura of representing the ethnic Rajasthani Culture to the visitors who are not aware about it so that they can get the glimpse of local diversities in a more advanced manner. Not only in India the group has also been flourished its roots in the global level so that the Indian taste could be served and the cultural representation can make an attention in the global market.

The Desert Camp Jaisalmer situated in the desert area is one of the finest examples of the supreme hospitality, with an attractive architecture.  The tents are designed with the best quality as water proof and inside it you will be feeling like a maharaja treatment as the floor is covered by alluring soft carpet and the finest bedding will provide you a comfortable stay, the luxurious rooms are designed to take after the customers ion every possible manner blended with the five star facilities. The washrooms with the proper hygienic process, neat and cleaned beddings, fresh perfumed night lamps makes your stay in the Thar desert a memorable one.  At night you will be getting a glimpse of the ethnic Rajasthani culture through live performances of the kalbaliya dance, chari dance, folk singing. The kitchen brings you the best cuisines to be tested with non- veg and veg cooked in fresh oil and best spices to provide the unforgettable tastes. In short the place is the best destination for our stay in Thar Desert.

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