Chokhi Dhani Village: An Unimaginable Point to represent typical Rajasthani art and Culture

Searching for the best favourite beaches, holiday destinations, alternative city breaks, water parks etc. guide our precious readers towards this post so that an illustration can guide them to find out the best one. If we talk about the type of travelling like the travel freaks always search of the mode first, road, train, flight or booking a cruise or something, choosing the best option is almost the first priority task.  Living the dream, said in irony by many of us, but something of a travel motto, especially for those eager to ditch the day job, wave farewell to the commute and head out for planning a beautiful vacation to an unknown place, seeking to get ample of knowledge about the new culture, food, language, monuments etc.

Chokhi Dhani Village








The pink city Jaipur is one of the best places to go for that. The city is having an uncountable number of points of interest for a good hang around. You can go for a royal stay by becoming a part of posh hotels, alluring palaces and much more. There are masty malls, ambitious forts, best chit chat points, mesmerizing cafes and much more.  And in order to get the close glimpse of ethnic Rajasthani culture, you can try your comfort visit at the Chokhi Dhani Village, Jaipur. A five star rated resort, this place gives you a warm visual of Rajasthani culture through live performances, amazing food, enormous fun zone activities. This place is a complete box of entertainment.

Entering in Chokhi Dhani village where you will be getting an amazing visual of ethnic artwork on walls, alluring lamps, catchy live performances and a wide area for the movie around through adventurous camel, elephant and bullock cart riding.  The concept behind the village is to make the guests aware about the typical Indian traditions which deal within the kind hospitality business. Here each and every guest treated within the first rated services following up the motto Atthiti Devo Bhava, meaning that the valuable guests should be treated as God. And that’s what the office staff members over the resort are always ready to do. Making the valuable guests to attain the best experience while there stay, the rope show, puppet show, magician etc.

Fond of watching the bioscope? Come here and get the beautiful Rajasthani culture through the cinematic presentation through worthy stories. Thanks to the invaluable corporation of the ministry that now you can get the glimpse of the beautiful museum to get the richness of cultural visuals of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim, and Jammu & Kashmir. This is the best process to get the close look through the cultural and art or different state under one umbrella.

In short visiting, the Chokhi Dhani is itself a great experience to be visit and seek something new about ethnic Rajasthani culture.

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