Chokhi Dhani Village- A supreme vision of Ethnic Lifestyle

Enjoy an outing is the best way somebody can deals within. It is important to plan a vacation and moving around the city light or do anything apart from the daily schedule. This is done in order to take a break and put your mind in the relaxation mode. This is the thing every human being is fond of. Our daily routine involves various roles and duties such as getting ready for work, submitting the office works, completing our daily task buying vegetables or fruits, taking care of our vehicle etc, which created a point where we start thinking to take a break. We intend to find out a place where we can bring back our mood in the flow of happiness.

Chokhi Dhani Village











Chokhi Dhani Village is a place where hoy and knowledge groomed in an equal manner. We are here explaining two terms and relating them to one destination and you will know this by reading our post. Situated in the pink city of Jaipur, this place is designed in the finest architecture representing the ethnic Rajasthani culture. This is the place where you can come and realise the presence of nature and hotel hospitality in a supreme note. One will be wondering that why the place is named as Village? The best answer lies in the architecture of this place which is built up to make someone realise the typical Rajasthani culture in a closed manner.

Once you enter in the place, and the folk dances and singers start their melodious voice to make the epic Rajasthani tales and singing flourished through the environment. The mud interior will let you jaw drop position when you will be finding them designed in the posh architecture from inside. You start walking around the area and the glacial soil will give you an immense pleasure as the official staff members keep a rotational check by spreading chilled water on the ground.  While walking around the area you will be finding certain places or we can say the point of interest where any activity will keep going. Now in order to seek the service you have to pay the certain fixed amount. These activities include excellent dancing moves of folk dancers through Terah Taali Dance, mesmerizing fire acts Katputali dance, astrologer, Bioscope and much more. The village has been designed with an approach to providing the customers best notice in every possible manner.

If you are inspired by the Rajasthani arts and culture then the place Kalagram awaits your attention. You can get an uncountable number of hand-made crafts over here and you will love to buy them. Chupad, Gorbandg, Sangri and Royal Fine Dining are places where you can prefer to dine as per your comfort. Prices may vary depending on the choice.

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