Chokhi Dhani Village- Supreme Place to Get Delight Ethnic Driving

Visiting the waterpark, listing music, hang around with friends, planning vacation with family or any activity which can provide you a way to gain relaxing mood and pull away the tensions to bring you back on the normal track with a fresh approach. Visiting a resort could be a complete package of entertainment where you can stay long and enjoy the other accommodation.

Chokhi Dhani started its journey in the hospitality early 90s’ and gained a huge faith of enormous customers through kind and first class services they provide.














You enter in the Chokhi Dhani village, and you will be amazed by the ethnic Rajasthani theme lines representing the typical rural culture. The walls around are designed in the superb way as there are tiny holes in which beautiful lamps hanging. The warmth welcome by Tilak ceremony, live performances is enough to catch the attraction of the visitors.

The sole motive of the staff members is to provide a boost to the Indian village culture to get observed by the visitors, helping it to gain a global value. The jolly and grinning faces around give a reassurance for the visitors. The fun zones, entertainment areas, riding and live entertainment makes the surrounding blends with natural attractiveness more and more appealing for the visitors.

The dining concept with mesmerizing cuisine served with kind manuhar, an Indian process of gesturing the visitors is enough to put a heat touched approach for the visitors.

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