Chokhi Dhani Village – Overturn back to the period of Rajasthan’s Glorious History – Your Guide to Rajasthan !

Rajasthan is the excellent destination to urge a glimpse of ethnic culture and hypnotic points of interests. The state is often glorious for sightseers seeking the data of stories depiction the royal pride of Rajputs and fabulous style of food. This state is the best point to catch the lively spirit of typical Rajasthani lifestyle, a way to enter in the homespun Indian villages. As the name defines itself ‘Raj’ means king and sthan means Place, making it Land of the Kings. This is due to the Rajasthani history has been witnessed several brave rulers who fought for his or her pride and protection of their mother country. The glorious views of nice forts, palaces, glorifying temples, expedition rides, desert campaigns, and vintage automotive rallies are the ways to achieve the most effective expertise of world category cordial reception and take a detailed check up on the traditional culture which continues to be shinning within the epoch. As the land is ruled by princely clain, the folk music and dance like kalbeliya, chari, ghoomer etc plays an important source of entertainment, which is still alive through the efforts of pastoral since thousand years. The beautiful Aravallis are their loftiest in south Rajasthan giving a natural habitat to a rich wildlife.

Chokhi Dhani Village










The mouth-watering taste of delectable spicy food available in both veg and non-veg, can make anyone to taste the best delicious cuisine served with superior hospitality.  Jaipur, the pink city served as the capital of Rajasthan sparks the glorifying image of the solitary land by giving the sightings of ethnic culture. Chokhi Dhani Village, a five star destination, situated far away from hustle and bustle of the city in the booming silent corners of highway is the place what exactly a travel freak seeking to get the Rajasthani culture is required to visit. The ground hospitality staff in a typical Rajasthani village themed place will be giving you limelight to taste the rural culture more closely. The place’s aim is to develop an interest and admiration for the Rajasthani cultural roots by providing several ways of entertainment. Gets the best experience of the local lifestyle through the means including The outdoor barbeque, banquet lawns, rathkhana, jungle Sair, Bhool Bhulaiya, skill games, Gufa Jharni, Champi Head Massage and much more. And if the sightseeing causes you de trop hunger, then our first note professional cooks are ready to serve you the delicious food through the Chupad/Sangri gorband and royal fine Dining halls.

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