Chokhi Dhani Village Jaipur: Boosting Rajasthani Culture in Newness

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Chokhi Dhani Village Jaipur









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Chokhi Dhani Village Jaipursituated in the outskirts of the city is best known for its kind representation of the ethnic Rajasthani culture. This place is having a unique tendency which aims to provide the customers with an atmosphere in which they can capture tremendous frolic moments.  Basically, it is a resort which is meant to represent the glimpse of Rural Rajasthan theme for the outsiders so that they can get the best of the sightings of ethnic representation in a much better way.

Entering in the place firstly leaves you an amazing feeling because of its architecture. The area is designed with eye-catching mud huts which you can usually see in the Indian village area. The garment welcoming ceremony and the staff members dressed in colourful turbans, attractive dhoti Kurta with a swaggish moustache with a gentle smile on their face saying Khamma Ghani, which means welcome to the place. This is done in order to follow up the ancient Indian practice where our ancestors taught us to treat the guests like God.

Fun Unlimited At The Alluring Place

You can hang out in various places including a place where you can get the best ancient chariots, seek blessings of Vaishno Devi temple,  tejaji Temple and jungle ser in which you can see the survival things of Jungle in the modernize manner. Having toddlers or kids within you/ don’t worry as they will be glad to be in Fun area which is filled with the junior activities including boating and riding. Are you fond of shopping? Then you will be happy to know about the Kalagram area situated in the Chokhi Dhani Village Jaipur where the precious artworks can be purchased. Approx 10,000 arts and crafts of Incredible India are available here.

The Royal Dining

Get ready to attain a royal treatment like a princely welcome in the finest dining areas of chokhi Dhani including the chaupal where you can taste the best cuisines cooked deliciously and ready to eat in the laps of nature. The cool natural waves, mesmerizing music, Gazhal Programs, Magic shows and much more. Imagine sitting between clusters of activities and having a taste of mouth-watering dishes is the unforgettable experience of its own kind.

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