Chokhi Dhani Village: Enormous Ways to visualize of Rajasthani Culture

Rajasthan is a place which is a wonderland and brings a lot of things which can be visualized for enormous reasons including fun, ethnic culture, linguistic language and distinctive people and when it comes for the place of food the place is blessed by mouth-watering food cuisines which makes anyone dreaming a taste in a blue moon. The state is blessed with the unlimited sources which are here to bring a massive tourism through the best ligate behaviour. Walking in the streets of cities with the alluring atmospheres such as the blue city Jodhpur, the golden city of Arabian nights Jaisalmer and the alluring pink city Jaipur. Visiting the place gives the visitors an unforgettable experience, as the city is among those rare places that are blessed with the high essence of creativity and true artistic colours.

Chokhi Dhani Village










Chokhi Dhani Village a concept of representing the cultural and artistic colours of Rajasthan in a remarkable way highly acknowledged for its vibrant folk art forms. The place giving you the absolute worth of surroundings where the ample of knowledge about the ethnic Rajasthan through the various means including the puppetry is one such performing arts of the place that tourists simply can’t afford to miss. At times the puppetry artists perform traditional tales in the show and leave the audience spellbound through jaw drop performances. The resort is designed in the alluring pattern where the places to be seated down for dinner are not a lavish or posh rooms but kaccha house or what you can call a hut, but it will be wrong to assume that you will be in a typical rural area as Air Conditioner rooms are designed too to make the customers a comfortable stay in the Chokhi Dhani Village.

The camel/elephants/bullock cart/horse and boating rides are the best way to seek the glimpse of the entire village and also in much cheaper rates. Know your future prediction through the astrologer and parrot teller.  The puppet show, bioscope show, Thaali Dhani etc are the features that are there to entertain the customers at the much higher level.

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