Chokhi Dhani – A True Heaven of Luxury for Traveler & History Lovers

Experts say that travel is good for health.’ Yes, traveling has become an important part of human lives, as it helps you to explore the world and challenge yourself. People are love to travel for their passion, to see & experiences new cultures, to explore new places, for Family vacation, having an adventure, Escaping from the stress and unhappiness, Relaxing and rejuvenating, and a lot more.

With breath-taking seashores, a vibrant lifestyle, historical culture, structures and beautiful temples, makes India a fascinating place to check out. As each of the 29 states is home of different lifestyles, cultures & languages. Amidst so much diversity, this land is known as one land by one name, INDIA. Every inch of this land has its beautiful history, climate and there is just so much to explore in each state.

Rajasthan is one of those scarce destinations of India that are gifted with substance of creativity and true artistic shades. Most travelers believe that the land of Rajasthan has its own special stories to tell. The travelers’ delight, Rajasthan is the land of kings and brave Rajput’s. It is an identity created by people, who enjoy life in all its richness and art forms. It is a part of the golden triangle of India which includes Agra, Delhi and Rajasthan, every tourist wishes to explore this land. Exploring Rajasthan will surely give you royal and golden memories.

Why Rajasthan?

Royal Hospitality

Rajasthan emerges as a leader in hospitality as we believe guests are next to the god (Attithi Devo Bhava) the old Sanskrit saying goes. The most attractive part is heartily welcome of guest followed by Aarti and Tilak will make you feel at your own place and will try to make you comfortable.

Art & Culture

The state identifies the royal and rich heritage. It is colorful and different which takes you in the world of the ancient forefathers. The songs, dance and lifestyle are meant to be experienced.

Glorious History

A tour of India is incomplete without traveling to Rajasthan as the state maintained its ancient splendor incredibly and the amazing Mansions and Castles keep adequate testimony the greatest works of art of Rajput culture. Locals take great pride in the magnificent history of Rajasthan.

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