Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur – A Holiday to Rajasthan – Where & When !

India is the land of vast diversities, colours, cultures, rituals and tastes. Different states in India have their own way of living and taste as it represents their ethnic roots followed by thousands of years. Also the country is known for different seasons creating an ideal time to travel round the different parts. Usually, there are 6 climate changes in India namely Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Monsoon and fall, making it few countries in the World having assorted climate changes. Rajasthan, the largest state of India hails its presence by combining the 22 feudal kingdoms which was earlier known as Rajputana.  Being one amongst the foremost putting holidaymaker destinations, it’s proverbial for its ethnic culture, folk music, Massive forts emerge from mountain first-rate, their injured ramparts still defying long-dead enemies views and a lot of significantly the spicy style, therefore planning for the vacation tour in Rajasthan will be giving you with one amongst the foremost memorized experience.

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Usually the perfect time to travel Rajasthan is the winter and autumn seasons as the summer season is sometimes too hot to get tired and dazzled.  Swaggering moustache, colourful turbans, heavy embroider clothes, alluring jewellery attracts your attention towards the rich and vivid cultural wearing of the said state,  featuring the outstandared value of money, royal trivia surrounding by the great Aravalli hills and long lasting Thar desert giving the state’s natural beauty  a four moon passion. A festive atmosphere around the eye catching cities, the kind generosity of the locals for the visitors, the spellbind sunset points, the adventurous safari parks, luxury resorts with their mouth-watering taste dishes makes the visitors to come back again and again the this royal land.

Jaipur, the pink city crediting to its alluring pink colour painted part, is also known for its magnificent area of interest among the tourism. The world famous kite festival, finest local crafting products, the best fusion of royal heritage with the mixture of modernization makes the city one of the top rated tourist destinations in Rajasthan.

Chokhi Dhani resort, brings you the best place to remain in a very calm tempting, enchanted expertise with its typical rural themed cordial reception. This is the place situated at the silence of the outskirts of city lights, designed in a zestful representation of Rajasthani art by the live performances of folk dances, astrology, puppet/magic shows giving you a live presentation of royal stories hailing from the past. The elephant/ camel rides providing you a kingly experience to move around the resort. A number of potters and artisans presents within the premises will entertain you with their skills showing vivid forms of live acts. The Kalagram area will be leading you towards a world of traditional arts and crafting materials designed within the pleasing ancient manner. The interior décor of the posh rooms are so pleased that the guests will be thinking the primary rated living expertise. Our skilled chefs brings you one among the simplest dishes from the room that is served within the ancient Rajasthani vogue, that is to be seated within the floor and served in royal thals. To make the holiday stay more pocket friendly, our precious guests can go with the special packages providing them other accommodations in a free services.

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