Chokha Punjab –Monumental Place to capture sightings of Punjabi Culture

Visiting a hotel is the best thing one can choose to fresh the mood. Why we visit outside? As these experiences are part of the charm, and you feel like you are on a genuine adventure, as opposed to a long ride. We normally prefer to go for an outing because we want to extract our unhappiness from social pressure, relaxing drive by yourself is a great time to crank up your favourite jams, sing your heart out and just be with your thoughts. It’s good for your spirit to sit in a place where and dine with your fellas or family members.

Chokha Punjab









It is important to choose the best place that will be suiting your requirements your taste, and above all having all accommodations with many new concepts which can land you through an unforgettable experience. Jaipur is famous for an uncountable number of places where you can make a visit to grab a memorable experience with the family get to gather. Chokha Punjab is among one of them where you can find the best and worthy environment to come, sit and have a mouth-watering dishes ready to be served. But wait! This is not just about having a delicious meal at this place brings you one of the exciting entertainments you will like. Entering in Chokha Punjab and you will be delighted to see the finest representation of Punjabi culture around you. There are dummies with are painted beautifully in the Punjabi attire welcoming the guests. You can check in for an astrologer to know about your future, also there is horse riding, skill games including dart/gun shoots, troy train ride, Punjabi puppet show, magician and much more.
Also, there are many live events which will be taking your attention through which the highly talented artists show the extremely beautiful Bhangra (a traditional dancing style of Punjab). The dining concept is just fabulous at Chokha Punjab where you will be getting a chaat bazaar, Live Kitchen providing the hot and sizzle dishes, masala than where you can find the divine taste of soft drinks and much more.

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