Chaupal Restaurant: Bringing back the Old traditions in Luxurious way

In India, mostly people follow the old customs and traditions as they give a moral value to it. For example, Holi and Diwali celebrations are celebrated every year with rejoice and there are also many traditional festivals India where we can visualize a rich ethnic wearing, traditional food, mesmerizing music and much more. The old traditions in India are what the way to find out the true colours of art and cultural mixture. Chaupal is also an important practise which we can hear or read through stories and old customs.  Basically it is a practise of sit down in a high raised roof or surfaced area where you can sit and enjoy the chit chat with the family members or friends. In the rural area of India, Chaupal basically located slightly at the outskirts of the village.

Chaupal Restaurant










Chokhi Dhani Resort brings you the said practise alive in much catchy way. The resort which provides the most elegant warm stay for the guests visiting the pink city Jaipur is also known for the dining area called Chaupal. The resort is designed with the ethnic Rajasthani theme, which is like a rural area consisting of huts, alluring hanging lamps, magnificent wall arts etc. along with the recreation centre, kids corner, Pool and gym the Chaupal brings you a simplest way to dine in the open area with the  rustic music, live performances of fold singing and dance along with magnificent cuisine bringing you the top rated traditional Rajasthani food items like Ghatta Masala, Dal Bati & Choorma, Ker Sangri and the mouth watering dessert items served under the laps of nature. The twinkling stars, bright moon light, soothing perfume of flowers glittering the mind and having  the dinner in such a natural place  is one of the experience of its own kind.

And who will not like to share the warm chats with friends and family in such a magnificant premise along with the superior hospitality? The answer lies within the experience, one can get coming in the Chokhi Dhani Chaupal once.

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