Best Way To Enjoy the Taste of Local Rajasthani Culture !!

The manner of dining defines the culture in India. This country has an oversized diversity of individuals representing the various manners of living and feeding ideas. From the past, the country gained a significance worth within the world as a hot spot for Tourism.

As India had been ruled by princely states for many years, the brave heroic tales of their commitment & concerning their royal living standards are known to many. From the tempting natural sightings, divine places, spellbinding rivers, mouth-watering dishes, you’ll decide the simplest of the remarks from the tourists that are testing the big sources of amusement whereas their journey India.

Choupal Restaurant Jaipur









If we talk about food, then India is one of the leading places delivering an enormous number of mouth-watering dishes come in the first note services. The different Indian states are having their own tastes and dishes, making the country rich in having one of the best cuisines in the world. The menu is not restricted from breakfast to dinner, but there are a large number of snakes you can try while moving on in the streets of Indian states.

Rajasthan keeps an important value in terms of dishes to be tested once in the lifetime. The royal gloat of the Rajputana dynasty begs the attentions of the tourists through several ways. The minute you make a visit in the state, you will start experiencing of the true colors of Nature by taking the glimpse of Aravali range, the eye-catching colors of turban wears by the local people as the traditional wearing, the alluring Jewelries, magnificent embroidery in the costumes, stylish diamonds and stone works, colorful shoes, etc. are some of the features deliver a positive glorifying image of Rajasthan.

Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan having the finest example of rapid development as it has been listed in the smart city campaign projects, the visitors can make a visit in the mammoth palaces, museums, enjoys local Rajasthani cuisine, art, festivals, beautiful Jewellery shops etc. The city is famous for the best cuisine where the travel freaks taste can make anyone remember it for years! And that’s what the Chokhi Dhani Village, the five stars rated resort is dealing with.

Chokhi Dhani Village









Situated in the outskirts of the city, the alluring place is known for its ethnic themed architecture, glorify surroundings, live performances, fun zones, art and craft shop and much more.
The visitors are treated with one of the first note hospitality by a Tilak ceremony, which is the ancient Indian practice of welcoming the guest.

From the very first step, you keep realizing the ethnic Rajasthani culture by hanging lamps sightings, attractive wooden huts and mud structured houses giving you the glimpse of village. The luxurious rooms decorated with one of the finest architectures to make the visitors visit and stay more comfortable and warmth.

Dal bati churma, chach, bajre ki roti, Kari, Gatte ki sabji are some of the famous dishes cooked with pure & fresh vegetables, delivering one the finest taste of authentic Rajasthani culture.

Kalagram: a place where you can shop India’s finest art and crafts products. So if want to taste the full package of entertainment than you should visit this village property once in a lifetime.

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