Choupal: Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant for Fine Dining with Sumptuous Food

If you are looking for the perfect time with your family and friends or want to celebrate a special day with your spouse?  Then head to the ultimate romantic and most relaxed destination in town and that is one and only ‘The Choupal Restaurant’, it is the best Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Jaipur.

This fine dining restaurant offers an alluring ambience, which is perfect for your romantic evenings and family dinner. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating, where you can relish the authentic cuisine while savouring the mesmerising live Ghazal performances and traditional folklores. So while the melodious sounds steal your heart the delicious dishes leaves you craving for more.

The name Choupal is derived from a Hindi word meaning “a community hub”. The beautifully designed Choupal Restaurant at Chokhi Dhani Resort takes you on a gastronomic journey into the aromas and flavours of the rich Rajasthani cuisine. Along with this the famous dishes that you should not miss after visiting this beautiful place some dishes from the menu are–

Live Chulhe Wali Roti – Genhu\Bajara \Makka, Gatta Curry, Alu Piyaz ki Subji, Bati and Churma and the most special dish of Rajasthani’s  that is  Lehsujn ki chutney.

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