Best Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan

The Chokhi Dhani is the one of the Best Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan. The Chokhi Dhani is famous and most popular place in Rajasthan and other states. Chokhi Dhani hotel, natural beauty is so amazing and attractive. Many people come here and enjoy the holidays and festivals on Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi Dhani Hotel offers a standardized stay experience. This place interior is so glorious and amazing. The Chokhi Dhani heritage hotel provides best services to our guests. The Chokhi Dhani hotel provides best deluxe rooms and suit facility with great rooms services and swimming pool, open & lavish dining hall, different food facility and luxury hospitality to the guests. The hotel also provides royal lifestyle with separate dining area, mini bar, spacious bathroom, and spa facility and they feel like Royalty. Our guest has belief on the Chokhi Dhani hotel, so they have happily come back again.
Chokhi Dhani Heritage Hotel
Chokhi Dhani is one of the Best Multicuisine Restaurants in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Chokhi Dhani royal theme based multicuisine restaurant. Chokhi Dhani provides different varieties of food, so it is called multicuisine restaurants. Different varieties are- South Indian food, North Indian food, West Indian food, Chinese food, luxury and delicious food, Punjabi food and Rajasthani food. The Chokhi Dhani also provides snacks, soups, Juice & drinks, combo mix and different sweets. The Chokhi Dhani Group has relieved as a unique hospitality chain due to its commitment to provide guests with a unique experience of Rajasthani culture. Chokhi Dhani has professional chefs and they understand the true flavor of cuisines. The menu is very pretty to read between small and elaborate font and the liberal use of all languages. Staffs are happy to serve and staff services are very friendly and helpful, and we are ready to help in a different way.
Experience the warmth and hospitality of staying in Chokhi Dhani

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