7 Charming Things to do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a widely-preferred travel destination with a superfluity of distinct travel experiences. The aristocracy of old-time forts and palaces takes you to a whole new level of magnificent. Even the cultural villages; emit the vibrant aura of turban-clad faces, rugged sandy terrains, the adventure of camel safari and much more. Besides, the state has the largest landscape in India which stretches the to-do list of travelers.

Embracing the touch of regality, Rajasthan is more than just a few tourist destinations and suggested itineraries. Very often, you may miss the real charm of its smaller towns, interesting historical facts swirling in the stories of locals, village hand-craft, and intriguing rural lifestyle. Everything we mentioned is beautiful in its own form and unique enough to mesmerize an outside traveler. In this article, we have listed the best things to do in indigenous Rajasthan.

The Gypsy Snake Dance

Rajasthani Dance










The folk dance of the women of Kalbeliyas is popularly known as Rajasthan’s Gypsy Dance. Kalbeliya is a famous nomadic group which gives its unique dance performance all around the world. The community is regarded as an ‘outcast’ in the country yet their zealous art-form has become influential. Unlike previous times, the Kalbeliya women exhibit their lively dance moves at regular intervals. Their moves are so groovy and limber that one can hardly move away the gaze.

The Umaid Bhawan Tour

Udaipur accommodates some of the most eye-pleasing palaces and forts. The Umaid-Bhawan Palace is acclaimed as the largest private residences in the world. A section of the palace has been converted into heritage hotel which is managed by Taj Group.

The Grandeur of Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi Dhani Village













Situated near the replica-hamlet; Chokhi-Dhani village, the Chokhi Dhani resort is a true set-up of a royal resort in Jaipur. The lush-green landscape and picturesque set-up complete your tour to Rajasthan. The resort is finely orchestrated with regal-styled cottages and opulent suites.

Mehrangarh Fort

A vast fort; towering the city of Jodhpur is the Mehrangarh Fort. The fort is situated on top of a vertical cliff which has remained in a good shape for a long period. The museum inside the fort exhibits some of the most beautiful artifacts of the royal times.

Vintage Car Rally

The phrase itself attracts enough amount of attention. Rajasthan is the most priority place if you are a fan of bygone era charm. The streets get full of these astonishing wheeled-machines which appear as a sheer delight for the viewers.

Elephant Ride at Amer Fort, Jaipur

Feel the ornate aura at Amer fort which makes a preferable tourist place in Jaipur. How about an elephant ride up to the resort? Since the fort makes a grand architectural symbol from the regal times, an elephant ride show makes an exuberant experience.

Abhaneri Step Wall

Abhaneri step wall exemplifies the stunning architecture of Rajasthan’s royal times. It is also famous from the name of Chand Baori. This architectural marvel speaks of the beauty of medieval India. This old-time site which is excellent in terms of design and colossal size was used for rainwater harvesting.

Rajasthan is full of leisure places which takes the visitors on a tour of timeless exploration. Can anything replace the authenticity of a foregone era, when the art and craft set-up the foundation of modern time creativity?

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