5 Best Jaipur Places For Art & Culture

It’s that time of the year when tourists from around the world pack their bags and head to the royal destination – Jaipur. Jaipur aka Pink City has been a tourist hub for decades now. Be it its unrivalled architecture, regal cuisine or vibrant natural beauty, Jaipur has been a preferred destination for travellers. We have bought you some must visit places, to experience this art and cultural hub in its full glory.

Explore the Art Destinations:

best 5 places in jaipur for art and culture

best 5 places in jaipur for art and culture

Jaipur has been renowned for being an art hub. Be it historic art or modern day art, art and culture have been an integral part of Jaipur backdrop. To sight this magnificent art forms, one can visit the go-to art destinations in Jaipur like, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Kalaneri, Rajasthan Fine Art Institute, IIFDA and much more. At these art institutes in Jaipur, one can, not merely watch the intricate, historic art, but can learn them too.

Dive in the Rich History:

art places in jaipur
They say the best way to experience any destination, is to explore is history and what better way to do so than to visit museums. Jaipur has always been brimming with its regal history, which one can see up close and personal at various museums in Jaipur, like Albert Hall, City Palace, JantarMantar, HawaMahal, Doll Museum and much more.

Experience the Vibrant Culture:

must visit place in jaipur

Pink City is world famous for its rich culture compromising of artistic dance forms and music. To experience this heritage and traditions of India, tourists can visit the dance and drama hubs in Jaipur, that regularly host performances from eminent artists showcasing the best of their art for the world to see. One can visit RavindraManch, Birla Auditorium, MaharanaPratap Auditorium to sight these amazing cultural shows.

Must Visits in Jaipur:

Jaipur is known for its regal architecture, compromising of lavish palaces, towering forts and glittering markets. One can’t complete his/her tour to Jaipur without visiting these must-see places in Jaipur. Trotting around the forts with a killer view – Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort to sighting a beautiful palace situated in the middle of a lake – JalMahal, Jaipur is filled with these magnificent architectures.

Best Food Restaurant in Jaipur:

village and desert theme resort

quality food, easy to reach resort in jaipur

A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without visiting the unique Chokhi Dhani Village Fair and Restaurant. This one of a kind village theme based resort and restaurant is the place to experience the rural like of Rajasthan. This vibrant restaurant recreates the look of Rajasthani village, in its architecture and ambience. From elephant/camel rides to folk dance and music performances, from Rajasthani art displays to authentic Rajasthani cuisine, Chokhi Dhani is a must visit to experience the true Rajasthan.

Picture credit : Jaiput talks, Google search, Chokhi dhani portal

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