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Spa, Fitness & Recreation
With comfortable accommodation and dine & wine facilities, Chokhi Dhani resort also provides Spa, fitness and recreational facilities for its royal guests in a royal manner.

Sansha Spa & Health Club

With an eye for beauty, tainted with expertise of best therapists, Sansha Spa is all set to create wonders to your body and mind. From toning your muscles in the gym to rejuvenating your senses in the aromatic, herbal and kairali therapies, this is truly a wonderland. To keep you fit and to give you the best of massages, our Spa & health club is fully equipped with Steam & Sauna baths, Jacuzzi, Gym & Beauty Parlor facilities.

Sansha Spa - Click to enlarge Sansha Spa - Click to enlarge Sansha Spa - Click to enlarge
Sansha Spa Sansha Spa Yoga & Meditation

Steam Bath & Sauna

Steam bath and sauna induce perspiration and provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sweat glands. Steam inhalation is an excellent treatment for many respiratory problems. For example, the moist air in sauna can relieve throat irritation. Steam is an aid for patients of Bronchitis and Sinusitis.
Kund - The Swimming Pool

Kund literally means 'a reservoir'. At Chokhi Dhani, the 'Kund' adds a cooling effect to the guests' stay in the scorching heat. Swimming at a public pool is what everyone does but a very few gets the chance to engage in it differently. At Chokhi Dhani, you can experience swimming with a difference. A dip in the sunken pool of the Kings is an unforgettable feeling with water caressing your body. One is refreshed with just one dip to remember always.
Swimming Pool - Click to enlarge Swimming Pool - Click to enlarge
Kund - The Swimming Pool Kund - The Swimming Pool


To induce a fitness regime into your stay at Chokhi Dhani is the gym, equipped with all the latest and modern workout equipment such as the treadmill and electronic cycles. It also has the facility for weight lifting to build up muscles of many inches. All this is under the supervision of a good instructor.

Beauty Parlor

For beauty care and treatment of its guests, Chokhi Dhani has a fully equipped Salon / Beauty Parlor in its premises making it a perfect place to stay, unconcerned about any needs as all is available under one roof.

Runjhun - Recreation Center & Disc Bar

A vacation without a tinge of sports sounds very dry and boring. Therefore, Chokhi Dhani has a package of exciting facilities which titillate and amuse the visitors. To infuse some excitement and thrill into your stay at Chokhi Dhani, a recreational center with gaming, discotheque and elegant bar setup has been created.

Runjhun - Click to enlarge Recreation Center - Click to enlarge
Recreation Center & Disc Bar Recreation Center & Disc Bar

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