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The Accommodation
The accommodation at the resort comprises 56 Cottages, 33 Royal Cottages, 8 Haveli Suites, 4 Royal Suites, 3 Honeymoon Suites. All are spacious, air-conditioned, with attached washrooms, running hot & cold water, telephone, in-room safe, tea kettle, mini bars, etc. Richly and tastefully adorned with ethnic decor, they offer all comforts of a 5-star hotel plus the unique ambiance that we are famous for.

Our warmth of service will make your stay one of the most comfortable and full of fond memories, making you come back to us again and again.
Cottages & Royal Cottages

Chokhi Dhani offers its visitors an opportunity to release all worries in the cottage dwellings that give a glimpse of the unique and splendid culture of Rajasthan.
Cottage Interior - Click to enlarge Royal Cottage Exterior - Click to enlarge Royal Cottage Interior - Click to enlarge
Cottage - Interior Royal Cottage - Exterior Royal Cottage - Interior
These cottages are semi rural dwelling that are ethnically designed, yet cozy enough. They represent the ethnic culture of Rajasthan as opposed to the majestic lifestyle of the Kings. Decor of these cottages is skillfully done keeping in mind the comfort and the taste of a varied guest visiting Chokhi Dhani.

The 56 AC cottages are the perfect blend of ethnic setting and modern living as the cottages are fully equipped with urban amenities. And the 33 Royal Cottages with all rich ethnic designs are always ready to serve you the best. So to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of a rural lifestyle, these cottages are the perfect choice. Like the Kings of Shakespeare's plays, the pastoral experience is the perfect break from the monotony of life in the respective kingdom or city. Find your own perfect cottage to experience a rich rural vacation at Chokhi Dhani!
The 'Haveli' Suites

A major attraction at Chokhi Dhani resort are the Shekhawati Haveli Suites. These luxury dwellings speak of local history and culture. Shekhawati is a region in Rajasthan which is known for its colorful forts on an otherwise barren area.
Haveli Exterior - Click to enlarge Haveli Chowk - Click to enlarge The Living Room - Click to enlarge
Haveli - Exterior Haveli - Chowk Haveli - The Living Room
Royal Chowk - Click to enlarge Haveli Interior - Click to enlarge The Washroom - Click to enlarge
Haveli - Royal Chowk Haveli - Interior Haveli - The Washroom

The Shekhawati region, famous for its forts, which are known for their artistic creations - intricate carving, heavy mirror work and frescoes narrating stories adorning the walls, gateways, windows and facades - are our true source of inspiration. Though it is difficult to infuse that golden old richness, at Chokhi Dhani, we have tried to recreate the grandeur of the Shekhawati forts and have left no stone unturned in taking care that we are able to reflect that rich cultural heritage in our haveli. These Haveli suites help one to revisit the glorious past of the kings and gives you a majestic experience.

Moments of contemplation, or those languorous moments that we often spend dreaming or sleeping, Haveli suites are best for those cherished moments.

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